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Rivers Ave.

Goose Creek

 All locations are closed to students until further notice. Please check back for updates on when it is safe to allow students to enter the buildings. We are open and working with our students. All students should contact their site manager to establish their individual learning plan during the COVID-19 crisis.

New Students

GED Programs

Registration is now closed, and our wait list is full. Please check back in a few weeks.

ESL Programs

Summer Registration is now closed. Please complete the GED Pre-Registration Form to be placed on our Fall Registration waiting list.

Current ESL Students

Our ESL classes are utilizing video conferencing to continue some classes. If you are a current student and have not spoken to our ESL Director, please contact:
Trish Elsie

Current GED Students

We are working one-on-one with each of our GED students to determine the best path forward for them. We are using email, mail, video conferencing and more to help students continue their progress with the technology they have available to them.

 Students: Please contact your site director if you have not already spoken with them. While your progress in your program is important to us, we are most concerned for your safety and well-being. Please check in and let us know how you are doing. 





Our need for volunteers has never been greater. We are transitioning to a small group or one-on-one model with most of our students while our locations are closed.


Current Volunteers can email Joann Sherman at for updates on how we are transitioning to this new learning model.



Site Managers


Calanthia Gaillard

Rivers Avenue

Christen Warrington-Broxton

Stella Necker, Education Director


Goose Creek

Diane McGee