Community Impact


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Trident Literacy is a leader in providing education to underserved adults so they can improve their skills and change their families’ lives.

Moore & Van Allen

When the men in our program improve their skills and earn their  GED and WorkKeys certificates through Trident Literacy, they gain self-confidence.

Father to Father, Inc.

TTC’s Educational Opportunity Program integrates with the work Trident Literacy Association accomplishes in the tri-county area. Together, our organizations are focused on reversing the cycle and impact of generational poverty and illiteracy.

Trident Technical College

These classes improve the inmate’s literacy skills, which will expand the opportunity for gainful employment when they are released.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office

The work that Trident Literacy does to help adults improve their skills is fundamental to the mission of helping them rise out of poverty.

Sisters of Charity Foundation

"...helping to promote literacy for the whole family.”

Begin With Books