Bridge to Success

At Trident Literacy Association, we are proud to offer our Bridge to Success Program. This program is for students who need to gain a significant amount of skills in order to be prepared to take the GED®, to enter the workforce, or to obtain more gainful employment.

The TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is used by all SC Adult Education programs, including Trident Literacy Association, to preassess all students, no matter their level. We use the TABE to determine the strengths and weaknesses of every student, and use these results as the base for designed an individual study plan for each student.

We also screen each new student for unique learning needs and for digital literacy.

We provide instruction to all students no matter their age, ability, or any other factor. No student is turned away for having scores that are “too low,” or for not being able to read or do math. No student is turned away for having a physical disability, learning disorder, or emotional/mental condition.