Elizabeth (she’s a real person with a real name, but that’s not actually it) dropped out of school in 11th grade. She worked low-wage jobs until marrying and having children, but a divorce at age 26 forced her back into the job market to support her children.

Elizabeth worked her way up from fast food restaurants to preschool teacher. When her employer discovered that she did not have a high school diploma, she found herself facing the loss of the job she loved and her family’s lone source of income.

That’s when she turned to Trident Literacy for help attaining her GED.
Trident Literacy provided tutoring and other support in science, math and writing. Elizabeth especially credits her writing and math tutors for getting her over the hump and helping her improve her skills to the level needed to pass the GED test.

“Without Trident Literacy, I don’t know how I would have done it,” she says.

Today, she is working on extending her credentials. With Trident Literacy’s help, she is one test away from earning a Platinum WorkKeys certificate, the highest level of WorkKeys possible.

Elizabeth has a job she loves that keeps her family financially stable, the pride of accomplishment and even better prospects on the horizon, thanks to her initiative and your support of Trident Literacy.